Having a mobile website may seem like a huge investment, but you can curb your expenses by having a mobile landing page instead. Not to mention, the mobile landing page must be optimized for your mobile site visitors. And that is exactly what I am going to share today –  tips for mobile landing page [...]

Mobile Traffic Statistics On Google Analytics

If we always say that change is the only constant in online marketing this is even more important in local SEO. Taking this into account, although we have already discussed extensively on how to optimize your site for local SEO in the past, this post will entail certain local SEO strategies that have been prioritized [...]

Local SEO Strategy 2014 For Small To Medium Sized Businesses

In the past, we have shared a list of usability testing tools with you. Most of them have a fee associated with it. Hence, it becomes rather difficult for certain small businesses to decide if a usability testing tool is really worth the investment. Only when you do it one first time you can see how [...]

Usability Test featured Image - WooRank

Small Business Tips To Buy SEO Services

Posted on Sunday, 09 March 2014 by

Not all small businesses can afford the time and resources to spend on the optimization of their website, especially once the business starts to expand. SEO is not easy and it is time consuming.  Perhaps you are considering to hire someone to do the job: this post will guide you and help you to take the right [...]

Natural Links Quote From Matt Cutts Of Google

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is a really useful tool that will help you maintaining a healthy website. It is easy to use, intuitive, powerful and, best of all, free. However, many website owners either haven’t install it or  they do not bother to check it regularly. We are going to review its potential and give [...]

Small Business Guide To Google Webmaster Tools 2014

Does your website invite users to stay longer? Does it give them an opportunity to participate and engage with your site content? If you are not giving your site visitors a reason to stay back on your site and take some action (engage), you are in for higher bounce rates. A “buy now” call to [...]

Tips And Tools To Increase Engagement On Small Business Website

For a small business owner who is busy with a high number of business related issues, a task such as an SEO audit takes a backseat due to time and resources constraints. But your site needs an SEO audit, and not just one, but consistent audits between designated time periods. But, why your small business [...]

Factors To Consider For A Quick SEO Audit Of A Small Business Website

Why Is Online Video Marketing So Important In 2014

Posted on Tuesday, 25 February 2014 by

Why is online video marketing so important in 2014? This is the question we are going to answer in this post, but first there are a couple of other key questions that we need to consider: does my company or brand need videos? Does video marketing provide a good ROI compared with other marketing efforts? [...]

Online video drives attention

No matter what your business is, all your efforts are pointed toward achieving a final goal from your visitors. This could be: Newsletter signups. Visitors contacting you through a form. Increasing the number of buyers. Something really simple, like having visitors stay on your site for more than 10 seconds. Do any of these ring [...]

ManyContacts, a conversion optimization tool that helps you to engross an email list by offering something to your visitors in exchange of their emails.

9 Easy Tips To Boost Email Click-Through Rates

Posted on Monday, 17 February 2014 by

Some digital marketers say that email click-through rates are far more significant than email open rates. But in order for significant click-through rates to exist, email open rates must be high. For every 10 emails opened, if one link is clicked through to your website or any other relevant landing page, then your click-through rate is [...]

Responsive Email Marketing Message

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