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Introducing: WooRank Air Consultant

Posted on Tuesday, 01 April 2014 by

WooRank Air Consultant

For future blog audience reading this out of context, this was published on April’s Fools Day 2014 :)

We’re excited to share with you WooRank Air Consultants — something the team has been working on in our next generation search engine optimization lab.

The goal of this new delivery system is to deliver SEO consultants into small businesses that struggle with SEO issues. In 30 minutes or less using unmanned aerial vehicles you can get a SEO consultant on-demand to satisfy your needs and the weakest points of your website.

Putting WooRank Air Consultants service into commercial use will take some number of years as we advance the technology not to harm any of our SEO consultants and wait for the necessary FAA rules and regulations.

Our first SEO consultant-on-demand resulted damaged in the first test flight, so don’t expect from us a video footage of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this science fiction or is this real?

A: It looks like science fiction, but it’s real. From a technology point of view, we’ll be ready to enter commercial operations as soon as the necessary regulations are in place. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is actively working on rules for unmanned aerial vehicles.

Q: One day we’ll see a fleet of SEO Consultants in the sky?

A: Yes. One day, flying WooRank SEO Consultants will be as normal as seeing other famous flying services and flying vehicles from other famous companies.

Q: When will I be able to work with a WooRank Air Consultant?

A: We hope the FAA’s rules will be in place as early as sometime in 2015. We will be ready at that time.

Q: How are you going to ensure public safety?

A: The FAA is actively working on rules and an approach for unmanned aerial vehicles that will prioritize public safety. Safety will be our top priority, and our vehicles will be built with multiple redundancies and designed to commercial aviation standards.

If you are brave enough and you are a SEO consultant, you can apply for being one of our beta-testers of WooRank Air Consultants. Just let us know your interest through the comments and we will get back to you. Promise.

Happy Valentine’s Day: WooRank is Responsive

Posted on Friday, 14 February 2014 by
Valentine's Woolf

Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays. At WooRank we feel extra lucky because we don’t have just one Valentine; we have thousands! This year, we wanted to show WooRankers how much we love them with an extra-special present. We thought and thought about what to get for all of you.

Chocolates? So cliché. Flowers? They’ll only wilt.

Candlelight dinner? Perhaps a bit much…

Present Woolf

Instead, we’re giving you the gift that keeps on giving all year long: site-wide responsive design!

You read right! From now on, it’s not only our reviews that go where you go and stay easy to read on smartphones, tablets, and any other device. It’s everything on WooRank that you need! Scroll and resize – WooRank now adapts to put easy-to-read reviews and a simple interface at the tips of your fingers, no matter where you are.

Check it out! Isn’t it beautiful?


We know, we know – you’re pretty excited.

Party Excitement

What can we say? We like you guys. Happy Valentine’s Day!

WooRank 2013 – What Were We Up To?

Posted on Wednesday, 01 January 2014 by

2013 A Year in Review

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Website Analytics, Insights and SERPs All in One Place

Posted on Tuesday, 12 November 2013 by

WooRank Projects are now Advanced Reviews

WooRank users will be getting a brand new tour of their data this week, thanks to a big update in our monitored reporting features. Project data will now be stored under the new Advanced Reviews area as our classic website review data is joined by graphs and information from Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, SERP tracking, backlinks monitoring, server uptime and more.

As our goal is to make the lives of digital marketers easier, in the coming weeks users will see new features building off of Advanced Reviews that we think are really exciting! Our faithful users have been sending us lots of feedback, and we promise we’ve been listening.

Get a sneak peak of what’s inside Advanced Reviews with screenshots from the new tour below.


1. Welcome to WooRank

On the Overview page we’ve added new Getting Started content – start the tour at any time, immediately find the FAQ and stay up-to-date with digital marketing tips from the WooRank blog.

Welcome to WooRank

2. Review a Website

Nothing has changed here, it’s still easy as ever to run a website review and add your competitors.

Review a Website

3. Download your Branded Report

Don’t forget that our branded reviews make reporting quick and easy.

Download your Branded Report

4. Get an Advanced Review

It just takes one click to get started with an Advanced Review.

Get an Advanced Review

5. Define your Settings

There are so many great options in Settings, don’t miss out on email sharing and competitor tracking.

Define your Settings

6. Prioritize your Job

It’s easy to stay on top of what needs to get done with the Top Priorities section, and find out which tasks have the most impact on a site.Prioritize your Job

7. Enjoy Clean Advanced Metrics

You’ll now find all of your Project data within Advanced Reviews, putting all of your website data in one convenient place.

Enjoy Clean Advanced Metrics

8. Browse Inside Page Reviews

Review as many of the inside pages of your site as you need.

Browse Inside Page Reviews

9. Get Things Done 

Browse each category of your Marketing Plan to view your tasks, their descriptions and resources to help you complete them.

Get Things Done


We  look forward to sharing more feature updates with you soon. 
Cheers from the WooRank Team!

New Feature: WooRank Goes Live with Local SEO

Posted on Monday, 07 October 2013 by

We’re happy to announce that Local SEO has arrived at WooRank. Now included in your website review is a check for your business in Google Places, Foursquare and Yelp along with an overview of your most recent online reviews.

Our development team has been working tirelessly to make this new criterion as smart as possible: detecting listings from countries all over the world, whether or not the business uses a URL with a country domain or a generic domain such as .org or .com.

Let’s take a tour of what you’ll now find in your WooRank Website Review’s new Local category.

Local criterion:

In the new Local criterion you’ll find the details of your listings on Google Places, Foursquare and Yelp, including: how many stars you currently have, your total number of reviews, a link to your listing and a notification to let you know if you still need to officially claim it.

Local SEO

Example of Local Results –

Online Reviews criterion:

Here, you’ll find up to ten of your most recent online reviews from Google Places, Foursquare and Yelp. Find out what people are saying, in what language they’re saying it and how many stars they’re giving your business. Reviews are an important way to build your online reputation and discover valuable customer feedback.

Online Reviews

Example of Online Reviews –


The importance of Local SEO is growing daily. With this new feature, WooRank is delighted to help your business take local search optimization to the next level. Test it out by reviewing your website today!

Ok, WooRankers. We heard you. The WooRank social stats in our reviews can be confusing, especially if you’re looking directly at your Facebook page and seeing what appears to be a major discrepancy in the numbers. Hopefully this blog, once and for all, will explain what we’re actually trying to show you in our reviews.

The problem:

Let’s use the example of In their case the Social stats look like this (and hopefully so do yours, give or take a few).

Social Impact of in a WooRank Website Review

You might see this and think, “That doesn’t look right!” So you rush to your Facebook page to see if you’ve had a sudden drop-off in fans, but instead you see this:

BetaGroup FB Page

Now you’re probably thinking, “What’s the deal, WooRank? Sixty-five and 1805 are not anywhere close to the same!” And, well, you’d be right.

The Explanation

In fact, the two numbers that you’re seeing are completely different statistics. The Facebook likes that we show on a regular review are actually based on your home page URL, not your branded Facebook page. This is also true for Facebook shares and comments.

Let me break down each part of our review’s Facebook Stats a little bit more.

  • Likes: If you visit this page, you have the option to set up a like button that can be embedded onto your site. In the setup process, this involves entering the URL of the page you want people to like. This should be your home page URL, or specific URLs of inside pages. When you’ve finished, if someone uses this button to like your page, your WooRank review should reflect it.
  • Shares: The “share” statistic is a bit more flexible. If somebody wants to tell their friends about your site, they share your URL on their timeline. This includes both use of official Sharing plugins, and also the copy-pasting of a link to Facebook.
  • Comments: This number includes any comments that have been made on a shared or liked post about your URL.

More about Facebook Statistics

Facebook Aggregate Like Data

It turns out that Facebook data is more complicated than we thought when doing initial research for this. Last year The Next Web and MarketingLand confirmed with spokespeople from the social media giant itself that in terms of “Likes”, the oft-displayed figure next to your like button is actually not the total number of times the button has been clicked. Instead, Facebook uses the aggregate sum of web page likes, shares, comments on likes and shares, and also use of the URL in private messages in order to calculate this figure. To check this out, we set up a blog post which we liked, shared, and commented on in our personal accounts. It’s true – one person can contribute up to an additional four “Likes” to the total sum that Facebook displays. So, if you notice that this number is different than the number of likes displayed in your WooRank review, this is why. It is a third sort of statistic that is actually better for measuring total engagement with the post than understanding how many times your page itself has been liked.

Data about your Facebook Page

If you’re still worried about the likes on your Facebook Page itself, don’t fret; you can find this data when you set up an Advanced Review. On the “Settings” page, you can sync your business’ Facebook Page URL and administrator account, giving you access to your Insights data. As you can see below, this is where you’ll find the 1,805 likes that were missing earlier.

Betagroup Facebook Page Project Data

So What Does This Mean?

You might be wondering, “Why do I need to know these numbers?” In fact, this data can be incredibly valuable information for market research. The Social Impact data in reviews gives concrete numbers on how often people evangelize about your brand on various social media networks. Whether you are pitching to a client or working on your content marketing strategy, the review figures represent potential goals of sharability and retention. On the other side, Facebook Insights in your Project can help you to understand how people are engaging with your brand, which will build customer loyalty. One of the holy grails of content marketing is to engage loyal clients who tell their friends about your product, making these statistics a great tool in understanding your own progress and setting periodic goals for your content team for both sharability and loyalty.

We hope that clears things up for you! Still have questions? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll do our best to answer.

5 Steps to Complete a WooRank Advanced Review Task

Posted on Thursday, 01 August 2013 by

So you’ve ran a WooRank Review on your website, now what? Enter WooRank Advanced Reviews. The idea behind starting a WooRank Advanced Review is to give you the resources you need to optimize your website for search, usability, conversions and promotions. This tutorial is a step-by-step example of how to understand and accomplish a task in the marketing plan of your WooRank Advanced Review.

Step 1. Start an Advanced Review

On the WooRank overview page, click on the star symbol to the left of your website URL in order to ‘Optimize this site’ and start an Advanced Review, as shown in the screenshot below:

Start an Advanced Review from the WooRank Overview Page

Start an Advanced Review from the WooRank Overview Page

Or, simply start an Advanced Review from the WooRank Website Review page by clicking the ‘Optimize this site’ button, as shown below:

Start an Advanced Review from the Website Review Page on WooRank

Start an Advanced Review from the Website Review Page on WooRank

Step 2. Choose a Task:

Now that you have started an Advanced Review you will see three main tabs on the left of the screen that show you information about your site on WooRank. These tabs are titled – Advanced Review, Marketing Plan and Settings.

Click to the Marketing Plan and you will find three primary categories of WooRank Advanced Review tasks: Optimize, Convert and Promote. For this tutorial we chose a task in the ‘Convert’ category. The task is listed under ‘Top Priorities for Conversion Optimization’ and is called Design Your Site to Optimize Conversions, as shown in the screenshot below:

Choose a Task in Your WooRank Advanced Review

Choose a Task in Your WooRank Advanced Review

NOTE: If a particular task has already been implemented on your site, check off the box and the task will be considered done in your WooRank marketing plan.

Step 3. Follow the Steps in the Task.

The task chosen has to do with conversions and how well-optimized the call-to-action (CTA) on your website is. So, say the CTA on your website’s home page looks like this:

Sample Site for the WooRank Project Task Tutorial

Sample Site for the WooRank Advanced Review Task Tutorial

The screenshot below shows the tips section included directly in the task Design Your Site to Optimize Conversions. The second line of the tips gives you some concise information about the task. This one is rated three out of three for High Impact, meaning completing it is important and very likely to improve your website’s conversion rate. It is given a one out of three for solvability because the steps required are Easy to Solve and don’t require significant time or technical expertise. Finally it is a task most suited for a Designer.

Screenshot of a WooRank Task

Screenshot of a WooRank Task

The next step is to compare the web page’s CTA with the tips listed in the task to see if the CTA elements comply with the task instructions. We’ve done this below by listing the instruction, then considering the application of it on this particular website.

WooRank Advanced Review Task Instructions

Ensure each web page has a distinct call-to-action, both visually and textually.

  • Check that the important pages on your site (or all the pages on your site) have a CTA. Also, check to see that the CTA has text and visual elements accompanied with it.
Include Text and Visual Elements in Your CTA

Include Text and Visual Elements in Your CTA

Create urgency with phrases like Sign-up Now.

  • Your website creates urgency with a CTA that says PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW.
Create Urgency in Your CTA

Create Urgency in Your CTA

Tell your website visitor exactly what you want them to do.

  •   The CTA asks website visitor’s to Place an Order. So it is evident that you are letting your visitors know exactly what will happen when they click the CTA button. See screenshot above.

Position it well, use a big and colorful CTA.

  • Your website uses a medium-sized CTA button in an understated color. You could A/B test your CTA with a bigger sized or different colored button and check to see which converts most effectively.
Use a Large CTA Button in a Bright Color

Use a Large CTA Button in a Bright Color 

Use arrows to show your visitors where they should click.
  • Your CTA button has no arrows. You could also use the image of the lady next to it to point at the CTA or look at it to direct users’ attention.
Direct Focus with Arrows or an Image

Direct Focus with Arrows or an Image

Buttons should change the default cursor to the pointer hand.
  • In the screenshot below it is evident that the site does provide the pointer hand when the user hovers over the CTA button.
Cursor Changes to Pointer on CTA Button

Cursor Changes to Pointer on CTA Button

Step 4. Utilize Additional Tips from the External Resources

At WooRank we do our best to provide you with information from trusted resources, either from external sites or from our own digital marketing blog. This task has a total of five blog resources and a video resource.

For this tutorial we have gone through the external resources and listed all the tips from the blogs that have not been implemented on the sample site. We recommend doing this when working on your own site, as it is a great way to simplify the information and make it actionable.

Blog 1 – How to Design your Call-to-Action:

  • CTA should be prominent and big.
  • CTA must not have text or images cluttered around it.
  • Point arrows to the CTA.
  • Focus on CTA text rather than a supporting image.
  • A/B test CTA button.

NOTE: The sample website has implemented five tips out of the ten mentioned in the blog.

Blog 2 – Write a Call-to-Action That Gets Visitors Clicking:

  • Include numbers in the CTA, for instance, you could mention the number of months for which the order will be placed.

NOTE: The sample website has implemented four tips out of the five mentioned in the blog.

Blog 3 – 10 Call-to-Action Case Studies:

  • Use ‘First Person’ pronoun for CTA, e.g., instead of Place Your Order Now try Place My Order Now.
  • Use a soft CTA. So, instead of asking visitors to place the order you could ask them to get a free trial or get a free demo instead, giving the option to place the order after.

NOTE: This blog gives tips on split-testing the various conversion elements of the site. The sample site could make use of these tips to further optimize, based on split-test results.

Blog 4 – A/B Testing: A Beginner’s Guide to Website Testing:

A/B testing, otherwise known as split testing, can be done in various ways, so check out this blog for in-depth information on the subject.

Blog 5 – 15-Point Conversion Checklist:

  • Add customer testimonials near the CTA.
  • Offer something for free.
  • Integrate live chat.
  • Offer a guarantee and warranty.

Blog 6 – 18 Conversion Optimization Tools To Gain More Clients with Your Website:

NOTE: This blog offers conversion tips on elements other than the CTA to help you consider the full picture.

Video Resource

The video resources included in WooRank tasks usually contain expert advice on the topic. For this particular task the video talks about Content Experiments, which is a free Google Analytics feature that helps you A/B test your website. The video gives you a visual demonstration of how to go about implementing this Google Analytics feature to test and optimize your site for conversions.

Step 5. Check it Off!

Once you have successfully manipulated the various conversion elements on your site and tested them for optimized conversion rates, you get the joy of checking off the task from the top priorities list. This task then shifts to the bottom of the page under the ‘Tasks Done’ tab, and you get to pat yourself on the back.

Completed WooRank Project Task

Completed WooRank Project Task

Quick Recap:

  • Start an Advanced Review
  • Choose a Task
  • Follow the Steps in the Task
  • Utilize Additional Tips from External Resources
  • Check it Off

A task could take five minutes, a day or a week to complete, depending on the complexity and how much you need to change. Once you’ve checked it off, crack open a cold one to celebrate then move on to another task of high priority to continue Wooptimizing your site. Let us know in the comments if this has helped you to better understand WooRank!


Backlinks with Juice: Updated Feature

Posted on Tuesday, 07 May 2013 by

We’ve added some pizzazz to your WooRank Project’s backlink section! Now you can get instant data on which backlinks are sending you traffic and juice, right from the backlinks section in your Dashboard.


Backlinks Feature in the Dashboard

Backlinks Feature in the Dashboard

Choose what to view:

Find out which backlinks have gained your website the most traffic; choose to view the data by domain or web page.

Traffic From Backlinks

Traffic From Backlinks

Check the number of visits:

The “Visits” column shows you which links sent the most traffic your way during the previous week.

Weekly Backlink Traffic in the Visits Column

Weekly Backlink Traffic in the Visits Column

Determine quality:

See a star rating on the quality of your backlinks, based on the average number of pages clicked on per visit:

Star Rating of Your Backlinks

Star Rating of Your Backlinks

Show me the juice:

At a glance, check which backlinks are giving your site juice.

Backlinks With Juice

Backlinks With Juice

Competitor analysis:

Then find out where your competitors’ link juice is coming from.

Competitors Backlinks with Juice

Competitors Backlinks with Juice

Try it out! Visit your WooRank Project backlinks section today.

Chrome & Firefox Extensions Get a Big Update

Posted on Wednesday, 17 April 2013 by

Gone are the days when our Chrome and Firefox SEO & Website Analysis extensions redirected you to WooRank in search of your one free weekly review. Here are the days of a totally updated extension experience. Scroll through the screenshots below to discover what’s new.

Click the WOOlf icon to review the web page you are currently visiting:

Click the WOOlf icon

Click the WOOlf icon

Left panel view:

Stay on the page while you scroll through the WooRank Review; no more switching between tabs.

WooRank's SEO & Website Analysis Extension for Chrome

WooRank’s SEO & Website Analysis Extension for Chrome

Log in to WooRank from the extension:

Reviews are automatically saved in your WooRank account for easy follow up and download.

Log in from the extension

Log in from the extension

Easy icon navigation:

Use the horizontal navigation icons to move between sections, or simply scroll.

Use the top navigation icons to move between sections

Use the top navigation icons to move between sections

Lite Reviews:

Haven’t signed up for WooRank yet? Preview our reviews with the extension’s unlimited Lite Review mode.

Lite Review mode

Lite Review mode

Want to try it out? Install the WooRank SEO extension for Chrome and the WooRank SEO addon for Firefox  now.

Already have the extension? Just restart your browser to get the updated version.



New Feature – Project Email Updates

WooRank’s new email updates make it possible for you to share all of your hard work with your team and clients. Choose from three emails types: Weekly Project Updates, Monthly Project Progress and Server Uptime Alerts.

Add recipients in your Project Settings:

Enter email addresses in the Project Settings page and customize the updates exactly how you need them.

Add Email Recipients

Add Email Recipients

Weekly Emails:

Use these emails to share updates and recommended tasks with your teammates.

Weekly Update Email

Weekly Update Email

Monthly Emails:

Your dashboard’s graphs have been turned into a beautiful monthly email, use it to keep your clients informed of the progress made on their website.

Monthly Progress Emails

Monthly Progress Emails

Uptime Monitoring Alerts by Email

Choose which member of your team should receive server uptime alerts – is it you, your webmaster or a developer?

Uptime Alert - Website Down

Uptime Alert – Website Down

Uptime Alert - Website Now Up

Uptime Alert – Website Now Up

Log in to set up your email updates and share them with teammates and clients.

Sign up to get started.