Top Free Infographics Tools for Small Businesses

Top Free Infographics Tools for Small Businesses

Infographics instantly turn boring text content into a piece of visually attractive information. Instead of explaining your niche based survey results in your blog text, you can easily publish these results in a visual data representation format.

Infographics are found to be highly viral content that spread like wildfire when shared on social media sites. They grab user attention with colors, graphics and informational graphs that are easily interpreted.

It has become quite apparent that the trend of infographics is a great way to gain quick exposure of your brand and build authority in your niche. As a first step to catch up to the trend you must plan content that can be well represented with statistics and graphs and would be relevant and useful to your readers.  We ask you to plan your content because, as with any ongoing trend, this one has attracted some low quality link builders. There are many infographics being built with sub-standard information every second. Building a sub-standard infographic that lacks concrete content or statistical information based on real facts can create problems for your brand, or may even be interpreted as spam by search engines. This is what Google’s Webspam team head, Matt Cutts, has to say about infographics:

“In principle, there’s nothing wrong with the concept of an infographic. What concerns me is the types of things that people are doing with them. They get far off topic, or the fact checking is really poor. The infographic may be neat, but if the information it’s based on is simply wrong, then it’s misleading people.”

Hence, we recommend you only create infographics if you have relevant content from your niche and strong statistical data to support it.

Infographics do not require professional designing skills. With some really useful online tools you can just drag and drop elements on to pre-made templates to create a killer infographic in about an hour.

We have hand-picked three such instant infographics creation tools. These tools are great for small businesses as they are free and if you want to explore more their basic plans start with an affordable fee.

Apart from these three easy infographic creation tools, we will also offer some free chart creation tools and icon tools that will help you integrate these elements conveniently into your infographics.

Top Free Infographics Creation Tools for Small Businesses:


Piktochart consists of great visually appealing infographic templates that can be manipulated according to your preferences. With a free account you have access to three templates and can upload five images. The downside of having a free account is that the infographic will carry a Piktochart watermark. However, you could sign up for free to check how comfortable you are working with this tool and then opt for an affordable plan of $29/month or $199/year later.

View a sample template below:

Sample Infographic Template from Piktochart

Sample Infographic Template from Piktochart

As the name suggests, this tool creates an infographic easily; you do not even have to register on their site. There are many useful and visually attractive themes called vhemes for you to choose from. You can customize the theme by changing background colors, dragging and dropping images, icons and any custom graphics you choose. The tool is currently in its beta version and is free to use.

View a sample template below:

Sample Infographic Template from

Sample Infographic Template from

This is yet another great infographic creation tool offered for free with six pre-made themes to choose from. You can sign in with a Twitter or Facebook account and get started on creating your infographic right away. You have the ability to add graphs, images, maps and video. There are numerous chart options, including column, pie, line, area, scatter, bubble, pictorial, table, gauge, treemap and wordcloud. You can even upload your excel data with stat info and incorporate it into the graph on the template.

View a sample template below:

Sample Infographic Template from

Sample Infographic Template from

This is another addition to this list. Venngage allows content marketers to create infographics for free, with a number of templates available, making it easy to build an attractive infographic without investing too much time. There’s also a premium version offered, which unlocks premium themes & templates, with access to unlimited white-label infographics and easy export features.

You can see some examples of infographics on the Community page.

View a sample template below:

Venngage sample infographic

Top Tools to Create Infographic Charts:

This tool helps you incorporate charts, geometric shapes, stars, balloons, people’s silhouettes and flow chart elements. It is easy to use and you can try it for free without registering on the site. However, the free version is very limited.

This is a cloud-based charting tool that allows for fast and easy transfer of your excel data into attractive and professional looking charts, which you can incorporate on your infographic. In the free version you have unlimited access to standard charts.

Google Chart Tools:

Google also offers free chart tools that are created with HTML5/SVG technology. You can add these charts to your website and your infographics. It is free to use.


This is a tool that provides global statistical data in the form of geo charts on various topics ranging from economics to health. You can embed the HTML from the existing stats and incorporate it in your in-house designed infographic.. They do not, however, guarantee the accuracy of the information provided; you can read more about this in their legal policy.


This tool to create flowcharts, Venn diagrams and technical diagrams is incredibly easy to use. With drag and drop options and no registrations required, this free tool is great to work with to create your own charts and graphs.


Amcharts is a provider of JavaScript/HTML5 charts that include pie, radar, scatter, bubble and more. You can even download these charts for free. However, in the free version the chart includes a link to their website on the top left corner.


Top Tools to Create Infographic Icons:

Icons make great attention grabbers on infographics. Here are some free resources to obtain relevant and appealing icons for your infographic:


This is an icon search engine with over three million icons free to use.


This site provides plenty of free icons to choose from. They look great on infographics.


Royalty-free icons of high quality are available at this site.


IconsPedia offers a wide selection of free icons normally used by web designers. These can be used in your infographics as well.

Take a look at some inspiring infographics designs at